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Our Mission

To provide practical access to actionable data from the most remote corners of our planet.

Drones for Good

Our story

Mission Mule's journey began at the 2015 UAE Drones for Good Award, an annual international competition "dedicated to transforming the innovative technologies behind civilian drones into practical, realisable solutions for improving people’s lives today". Mission Mule's first technology offering, the Wadi Drone, won first prize in the national category.

Actively committed to the environment and using technology to better our world, we developed our technology in collaboration with the rangers at Wadi Wuraiyah National Park to support them in monitoring animal populations and protecting against poachers. Before Wadi Drone, rangers in Wadi Wuraiyah would hike along unstable cliffs in temperatures in excess of 110F to collect data from camera traps. Wadi Drone enables rangers to access the valuable data they need to track wildlife populations, measure environmental stressors, and apprehend poachers—all without leaving their headquarters.

We have taken our mission of providing practical access to actionable data from the most remote corners of our planet far beyond the wadis of the Arabian peninsula. Whether for environmental conservation, agriculture, or industry, we understand that data is the key to success in today's world. We support our clients by providing them with data that was previously beyond their grasp.